Just a few really great reasons to choose Movit Mobility for local and international moving!

Actually, there are definitely more than a few good reasons to choose Movit Mobility when you are planning on moving anywhere in South Africa or making the big move overseas, but, because Movit offers so much more than just an incredibly professional standard of local and international moving services, we’ll stick to the basics here!

You can have full confidence in the fact that you will be working with a team of supervisors, packers and removal crews who have been highly trained and have an above average set of skills and knowledge necessary to ensure that every move done by Movit Mobility is a success.  This level of training and experience also extends to the use of Project Managers who will oversee and manage every aspect of major VIP moves, yet another ingredient that has contributed to the success enjoyed by Movit over the years.

Nothing less than the very best in packing materials and equipment is used in every move made by the Movit team, ensuring that they keep to the letter of their promise that every piece of your home contents will arrive safely at your new destination.

Every item packed and loaded, whether for storage, long distance moves or international moves are labelled and allocated a pre-printed inventory number, giving you all the information you need to make identification easy, as well as to set your mind at ease that each item loaded is accounted for and then delivered exactly as specified on your inventory.

Movit Mobility goes to great lengths to ensure that their fleet of removal vehicles are regularly upgraded and kept in top condition, which is just another reason why thousands of clients have trusted Movit with all their moves, whether it is moving home, office, high value art, antiques and sensitive data centres.

State of the art Movit Mobility storage facilities are also available in all main centres throughout South Africa, where you can trust that your goods will be stored with high security in a way that pilferage is also prevented, while at the same time ensuring that your goods remain dust-free for the duration of the storage period.

Movit Mobility also offers pet and car transport, as well as the necessary All Risk In Transit insurance policy for local moves and an All Risk Marine policy for international moves, just to make you feel safer in case of unforeseen circumstances!

Last, but definitely not least, Movit Mobility offers a comprehensive range of family and employee support services that cover everything from preview trips to your new location, temporary housing, repatriation services and school finding assistance.  Contact the friendly Movit Mobility team to find out more about their affordable moving services and support systems that will blow your socks off!