Local, Long Distance & Cross Border Moving

Whether you are just moving around the corner, town to town or city to city, Movit Mobility will look after all your relocation needs. We provide moving services for local and long distance moves throughout South Africa, with weekly shuttles. We also have regular shuttles to Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique & Zambia.


Storage Solutions

If your new home is not ready or you need to still find a new home or you are just busy renovating, we have storage facilities in all the major towns in South Africa to store your household goods until you are ready to receive it. Our state-of-the-art storage facilities are purpose built and equipped with the most modern storage equipment. Household goods are stored in stackable 3D pallets or vaults. This palletized storage system ensures more security in that it prevents pilferage, is dust free and prevents damage to the consignment. Our facilities are also equipped with fire fighting equipment, burglar alarms and 24 hour patrolled security. So, you can rest assured that your entire life’s possessions is being well looked after.

Movit Johannesburg
Movit Pretoria
Movit Cape Town
Movit Port Elizabeth


We invest a lot of time and money into the training of our Supervisors, Packers and Crew. They are the true champions of our business. Ensuring that they have all the necessary skills and know-how, is crucial to the success of every move we make. Our Supervisors manage their teams, so you can feel safe knowing that the entire process is being taken care of.

We provide a full range of services that are tailor-made for each move we make. Whether you want to do your own packing or let us handle the entire process, we will make sure that your move is as stress-free as possible and every precaution is taken to get you there safely.


Movit Carton Packing
Movit Wrapping Service
Movit Specialised Crating
Movit Labelling
Movit Goods Loading
Movit Storage
Movit Home Delivery
Movit Furniture Placing
Movit Debris Removal


1 Ton Movit Vehicle

1 Ton
Pre-Packing / Shuttle

4 Ton Movit Truck

4 Ton
Small Size Moves

8 Ton Movit Truck

8 Ton
Medium Size Moves

Interlink Movit Truck

Long Distance Moves


Carton Packing

Book Cartons: Books, Ornaments, etc.
General Cartons: Crockery, Clothes, Toys, Lamp Shades etc.
Linen Cartons: Linen, Hanging Clothes, Curtains, etc.

Movit Packing Boxes
Movit Packer
Movit Packing Tape
Movit Packing Protection

Special Wrapping

Sensitive items that need extra protection can be wrapped in Corrowrap/Cushionkraft. An extra layer of Flatsheet board will be added to Paintings & Mirrors


Movit Wrapping Edge Protector
Movit Glass Protection


Extra protection for Glass tops, Marble, XL Mirrors, Pianos & large Objects d’ Art in either a skeleton crate or a full cladded crate.

Movit Crating Round
Movit Crating Box
Movit Crate Skeleton
Movit Painting Crating

Other Transport

Movit Car Moving
Movit Boat Moving
Movit Trailer Moving
Movit Motorbike Moving
Movit Trailer Container