Moving: How to pack up your home like a pro.

Choosing to do your own packing will generally save you some money. But, it will need additional time and energy to get the process right. Regardless if you’re an experienced packer, or it’s your first time relocating, the experience is usually stress filled.

Many people are inclined to do the maximum amount of packing themselves, to know exactly where things are when you start unpacking.

Here are several guidelines on packing your home content like an expert.

Plan your Move

Create a list of whatever needs to be done, before the moving date. This will likely ensure that you don’t overlook anything significant going into moving day.

Purchase Supplies

Make sure you have sufficient supplies of bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, permanent markers, boxes and a utility knife and scissors.

Sort Out your Stuff

Relocating is an ideal opportunity for you to get rid of stuff that you don’t need. Decide which things you use regularly and sort the rest into two piles, for sale and donate.

Pack Related Items Together

Packing room by room will make the event more organised. Empty drawers of breakables, things that can leak, non-transportable objects and everything that could pierce or destroy other stuff. Keep all parts or sets of things together. Pack small, delicate, independently packaged objects on their own or even a couple of them together in small boxes, and support it packing paper. Put small boxes in one big box filling in gaps with crushed paper.

Packing Clothes

A great house moving trick is to fold clothing into suitcases, or even use black bags to cover and shield your clothes. Pack fragile goods into garment bags and conserve the boxes for more durable items like jerseys and jackets.

Label Every Box Clearly

Every box that is packed needs to be labelled and listed. Making a list of every room and which boxes go in that room, enables the movers to place the boxes exactly where you will want them. As a result, it will make things easier, when the unpacking begins.

Verify What Items your Moving Company Don’t Move

When you start packing, you should check what products your moving company won’t transfer. Plants, firearms or paint, are things that you might need to move yourself.

Determine What you Would Like to Move Yourself

Although moving companies are professionals at moving any item, there might be several valuables you would rather move yourself like family photos or prescription drugs needed for immediate use.

What Not to Pack

Several goods can’t be transported on the moving truck, for example, explosives, compressed gasses, flammable fluids and solids, oxidizers, poisons as well as radioactive and other dangerous materials.


When figuring out what to unbox first, we recommend starting with the essentials and a few things to keep the children entertained, in case you have kids. Children need a feeling of familiarity, therefore unpack their things first.

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