Unbeatable support for local moving in and around South Africa the Movit way!

Let’s face it, none of us relishes the idea of dismantling furniture and packing box after box as we get ready to move, whether it is a move that is taking you to another part of the town you live in, or moving to Cape Town from Johannesburg, vice versa or moving from Durban to East London, the packing is that one thing we all dread most about any move!

The good news is that you don’t even have to give those dreaded feelings a moment’s worth of thought when you have a fantastic team like Movit Mobility to take it all, yes all of it, off your hands at affordable rates that will make it easy for you to choose the Movit Experience without any second thoughts!

Movit Mobility is definitely not an ordinary moving company, they have had many years worth of experience in moving thousands of families throughout South Africa, and the result of this experience is that Movit Mobility is able to provide you with so much more in terms of service than any other removals company in South Africa can match!

Movit has consistently put its money where its mouth is by maintaining a high standard of training for the supervisors and crews who will be packing up the contents of your home with great care and professionalism, ensuring that the way in which your goods are loaded will save time when it comes time to off-load at your new destination.

All your household contents are safely packed using the highest standard in packing materials available, and while the Movit team knows exactly how to make the most of keeping your goods secure in transit, you can rely on the fact that even the most fragile of your possessions will arrive intact at your new home!

The support offered by the Movit Mobility team reaches further than the mere moving procedure, this is a team that will do all they can in assisting you to settle in, especially when you are moving long distance in South Africa and know little about your new surroundings.

If you would like to know more about the phenomenal support that Movit has to offer above and beyond your actual move, please visit their website to view the relocation services this team is able to provide, or contact the friendly team to discuss your requirements.