Sea Shipments

An FCL is sent immediately where as an LCL is sent by consolidators as soon as they fill the container. A Groupage takes the longest to get to destination as it can only be sent when there is enough cargo for that destination to fill a container…but is always the most economical option. Groupages are only available to popular destinations.


Full Container Load or an exclusive use of a
shipping container.


Part Load or shared use of
container with other transfer fees.


Part Load which is placed in
a crate and sent by
consolidators in a shared container.


Full Packing and Wrapping at Origin

Customs Clearance at Origin

Delivery to your New Home

Labelling &

Ocean Freight

Positioning and Placing of
Furniture & Cartons

Containerization and Haulage to Port

Customs Clearance at Destination

Removal of
Debris & Cartons




40 ft High Cube

What can be moved in a Container?

Movit Car Transport


Household Goods Cargo

Unaccompanied Baggage

We also provide a service whereby we can book your overflow luggage as unaccompanied baggage on your flight, which will be more economical than paying for overweight luggage at the book-in counter.


U-BAG is a leading brand in the United Kingdom
and South Africa of UBI Worldwide Limited. U-BAG
specializes in sending excess baggage and personal
effects as unaccompanied baggage by air to over
500 destinations worldwide.

Airfreights are normally packed in cardboard containers which are commonly known as airfreight modules. The modules come in different sizes as Cargo planes are different and can only accommodate what can fit into their cargo hold. Your airfreight might therefore be placed in several modules, depending on how big your airfreight is. Airlines work on volumetric weight, meaning that they will choose whichever is greater – the volume or the actual weight. It is therefore crucial to only send non-heavy items.

Besides the carton packing, every non-carton item in the household will be wrapped and loaded in the airfreight module, using every space to ensure a tight load, very much like a jigsaw puzzle. Inventories are written with each item numbered and tagged.

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If you’re sending money out of South Africa, Currencies Direct is here to help guide you through the process and make your transfers simple. A dedicated currency expert will manage the whole process for you, at no extra cost.


Carton Packing

Book Cartons: Books, Ornaments, etc.
General Cartons: Crockery, Clothes, Toys, Lamp Shades etc.
Linen Cartons – Linen, Hanging Clothes, Curtains, etc.
Movit Packing Boxes
Movit Packer
Movit Packing Tape
Movit Packing Protection

Shipment Wrapping

All furniture and items that cannot be packed into cartons will be wrapped in Corrowrap/Cushionkraft. An extra layer of Flatsheet board will be added to Paintings, Mirrors & High value items.
Movit Wrapping Edge Protector
Movit Glass Protection


Extra protection for Glass tops, Marble, XL Mirrors, Pianos & large Objects d’ Art in either a skeleton crate or a full cladded crate.
Movit Crating Round
Movit Crating Box
Movit Crate Skeleton
Movit Painting Crating

Customs Clearance

Moving overseas is not easy. Whether you are moving to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK or anywhere else in the world, we have an Agency network that will take care of all your needs at destination. This is normally where you need the most help. Customs Clearance can sometimes be a frustrating and daunting task as every country has different rules and regulations. We will provide you with all the documents and the  information you need for your particular destination to help you make informed decisions.

We will assist you in completing all the customs documents required for clearance out of South Africa and for customs formalities at the destination you will be relocating to.

Please call our Customer Care Centre
to make an appointment.


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Household &
Personal effects

Our Import Department will help you with the completion of all Custom documentation to clear your consignment and will do this by liaising directly with the Department of Customs and Excise. All documents are needed at least 10 working days before a vessel arrives. As soon as your consignment is released by Customs, we will collect and transport the container to your new residence and arrange for the unpacking and placing of your consignment in your new home, the removal of debris and return of the container to the shipping line.

Movit Packing Boxes
Movit Pet Moving
Movit Pet Mobility


The South African Government will require Health, Vaccination & Import Certificates prior to the arrival of your pets. Our Pet Travel experts will assist you with all these requirements and safely transport and deliver your pets to their new home.

Movit Diplomatic Service


A Diplomatic Certificate with proof of the value of the items to be imported will be needed at least 10 working days before the vessel arrives in South Africa.

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Importing Motor Vehicles

Motor Vehicles should never be shipped without first obtaining permission from the South African Authorities. There are stringent rules and regulations for the importation of motor vehicles. Contact us to advise you on the guidelines and steps to be taken to import your vehicle successfully.

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