4 Important Considerations Before Relocating your Pets

There is no uncertainty that your pets are a part of the family. For this reason taking them along when you relocate overseas seems obvious from a family point of view but perhaps your pet’s emotional condition is worth a little more thought. Animals aren’t equipped to handle tension and stress the way humans are; they experience it all but without knowing the reasoning behind it.

There are various tough questions you have to ask yourself before transferring your furry family member to a stress filled crate-environment for the lengthy and demanding trip:

  1. Is your pet prone to panic attacks when anxious?
  2. Is your pet at the proper age to cope with dramatic upheaval?
  3. Are you relocating to a country with strict quarantine regulations?
  4. Does your destination country have constraints on what animals and breeds could be imported?

Do What’s Best For Your Pet

Pets who are too old or too young, dogs specifically, are  not equipped to deal with extremely traumatic conditions. Furthermore, animals with serious medical problems are also in danger of complications. Regrettably, it might be recommended to consider re-homing your cherished friend before the move. Although it may be agonising for you to handle this separation, a caring, local home might be the ideal fit.

Only Deal With Professionals

In the event you are sure that moving your pet is the best option, it is essential to deal with an experienced pet relocation company. At Movit we understand the anxiety your animal might go through and how to make the transfer as straightforward and stress-free as possible. We will dedicate an expert Pet Travel Agent to provide the very best care during the entire process. Custom-made containers are used to supply maximum safety, room and air flow for your pet.

Crate-Training Is a Requirement

As a concerned animal owner, it makes perfect sense that you would want your adored pet to travel with you inside the cabin. Even though some airlines allow this form of travel, the sad truth is that most pets will need to fly in the cargo hold. Crate-training the animal is not negotiable. Spend a few months getting your pet familiar with a crate environment, gradually prolonging the period spent in the box.

Keep Your Pet Away From All Activity On Removal Day

It will be significantly less distressing for your pets if they can be collected a day before the move. Ensure that their medical information is current and take these with you.

With the proper pet relocation company like Movit, it will be possible to move your pet from one end of the world to the other without a lot of tension. The future happiness of a successful reunion is worth all the energy and hard work. At Movit we know the stress your pet might go through and how to make a move as effortless as possible. Contact us for a free quote, so we can help you and your furry friend relocate to your new home.