6 Things To Keep In Mind When Moving Abroad

Moving abroad can be an exciting endeavour for you and your family: accepting a new work position, coupled with the excitement of meeting new people and making new friends, exploring your new surroundings and embracing a new culture, can make your international relocation a phenomenal experience.

What you don’t need is the distraction of problems arising with the relocation of your belongings to your new country. It is important to do some research and planning so you can understand the requirements involved in moving your furniture and become aware of laws and regulations with regards to which items are allowed and which are not, in your new country of residence.

For anyone considering a move, below are some important things to keep in mind:

Make a to list

Create a checklist of stuff you need to do that you can access remotely. You’ll think of things while on the go, and it’s vital that you write them down straight away before other distractions cause you to forget.

Get all the important paperwork out of the way

You’ll have to get in contact with everyone who sends you important mail to let them know you’re moving internationally, such as financial institutions, insurance providers and accountants. Make sure you have copies of your passport, drivers licence, birth certificate, marriage certificate and visa approval certificate.

Decide whether you want to sell or ship your belongings

There are a lot of reasons why people choose to ship their possessions. They might have recently bought new furniture, they love their furniture, and it has sentimental value to them, or they feel that everything else will be unknown, so they wish to have something familiar when they arrive.

Find a reliable shipping company

Even if you choose to sell all your belongings and start fresh on the other side, there will still be things you won’t be able to part with like clothing, photo albums and other sentimental items. Make contact with a few international moving companies in South Africa, to find the right one for you.

Get your financial ducks in a row

Don’t undervalue the importance of seeing an accountant before you leave. Make sure you have enough funds to get you through the first few months in your new country. Pay off any debt before you move.

Say your goodbye’s

Saying goodbye to family and friends is the hardest part. You will get homesick and wonder if you made the right decision moving abroad. But you will also have an adventure of a lifetime and experience so many new things.

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