Welcome to a unique local or international move with the Movit Mobility experience.

Whether it’s moving home, precious artwork, corporate offices or immigration, Movit Mobility has taken the moving and storage industry to a completely new level in professionalism with an extensive, fully comprehensive range of services which cover everything from the best local schools to utility management at your new destination.

Movit Mobility has put their money where their mouth is by investing a lot of time into a training regime that turns out the highest level in Supervisors, Packers and Crew, so that from your first point of contact with Movit Mobility to the crew who pack your possessions, you will be on the receiving end of exceptional service with a great attitude.  This training is an essential ingredient of all successful moves the Movit Mobility team is involved in, with highly trained Project Managers in place to manage very large and VIP moves.

It is evident from the high profile clients who give praise to Movit Mobility for their services which have made Movit Mobility a leader in their industry, inspiring a level of confidence and trust which is outstanding.

All packaging materials and equipment used by Movit Mobility is of the highest standard available, ensuring that all your items arrive safely, and with their organisational ability, Movit Mobility ensures that all items packed and loaded, whether for storage, long distance or international moves, are labelled and allocated pre-printed inventory number.  Every item that is loaded by the Movit Mobility crew is accounted for and delivered, exactly as you deserve it to be!

Every item removed from your home or office is recorded meticulously, corresponding with a pre-numbered label, which will be ticked and signed for by a Movit Mobility Checker each time your consignment is loaded or offloaded, giving you complete peace of mind from start to finish.

A reliable and well maintained fleet along with state-of-the-art-storage facilities is just another of the reasons so many clients will settle for no one but Movit Mobility as their mover of choice, and with All Risk, In Transit insurance for domestic moves and an All Risk Marine policy for international moves, Movit Mobility has taken care of ensuring that you will feel a lot safer knowing that you are completely protected should the unforeseen happen.

Last but definitely not least, Movit Mobility will ensure that your pet joins you at your destination with their professional pet and car travel service, using only certified and approved pet travel and car carrier agencies in the process.

No welcome to a stress-free move could be better than when you choose the Movit Mobility Experience for your move, whether to Cape Town or Kitwe!