8 Things To Consider When Choosing A Moving Company For Your International Move

Selecting a moving company for your international move can be a challenging endeavour. You will need to screen potential movers thoroughly before choosing the one you trust to deliver your belongings to your new home. Below are eight questions to ask when evaluating moving companies:

Are their packers professionally trained?

It is crucial that your moving company invests time and money in the training of their staff to ensure they have the required skills and knowledge. Every team should have a supervisor to manage the team to make sure the process runs smoothly.

Are they using the best packing materials & equipment available?

Safety should be their number one priority. Using the very best materials available will guarantee that every item arrives intact. It is essential that they use the correct materials for every situation.

Do they label and number every item?

Belongings packed and loaded for storage, cross country and overseas moves should be labelled and given an inventory number. Since each label includes customer information, it makes identification possible and helps to ensure that each item that’s loaded, is taken into account and delivered. Make sure your moving company has a proper system in place.

Do they provide a detailed inventory of your shipment?

Without a detailed inventory list, you won’t be sure that each item that is removed will make it to your destination. A reliable moving company will have a designated person that will tick of each item every time your shipment is loaded or offloaded.

How well do they maintain their fleet?

Having a dependable and well-maintained fleet is essential for the managing of a professional moving business. It is imperative that your chosen movers upgrade their fleet regularly and keep it in superior condition.

What kind of storage facilities do they have?

Choose a moving company with safe and secure storage facilities. Also, make sure that it is clean and dust free to minimise damage to your belongings.

Do they offer pet and vehicle transport?

Whether you are moving cross-country or overseas, you need to make use of a company that can transport your pets and vehicle themselves, or arrange the services of accredited and approved pet travel and car carrier agencies.

Do they offer insurance?

Moving, whether around the corner or internationally, is a high-risk business, and the inherent likelihood of damage or loss is apparent. You will feel much safer knowing that should the unforeseen happen; you are covered. Make sure your preferred supplier offer  All Risk Insurance coverage for your load.

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