Move into your new home and new life with the Movit Mobility team at your side.

Moving is not just about moving into a new home in another city or country, it is about moving into a whole new life, and you deserve as much support as you can gather in order to make it as easy on yourself and your family as possible.  Whether you are moving just around the corner, to another city or overseas, moving is one of the most difficult things you will ever do, and for most people the stress begins right from the moment the decision is made, before the first box has been packed.

Your family and friends will support you through the process emotionally, but, you also deserve to have a moving company that understands that it is about more than just moving your household goods from one place to another, one that you can trust implicitly from the beginning of your move until the day you are ready for that roof wetting party in your new home!

Movit Mobility is just the moving company that you can trust to tick all these important boxes and so much more, providing you with the support and professionalism that comes from having dedicated 45 years to moving hundreds of thousands of people who have moved within South Africa or moved overseas.

You can imagine that the network this hardworking team has built up over these years is set in a firm foundation, there is nothing fly-by-night about Movit Mobility, and the extent of this network means that Movit Mobility not only moves your household goods with exceptional care, they also offer assistance with things like finding temporary housing, schools, new homes and more.

Everything is about planning meticulously for the Movit Mobility team, starting with the professional way they will pack up your furniture and precious, delicate objects with expert packaging materials to the reliable and well maintained Movit Mobility fleet right through to the day this team expertly sets up your furniture in your new home according to your specifications.

Streamlined local and long distance moves to centres like Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town or international moving all fall under the umbrella of this exceptional team, let Movit Mobility shoulder the physical process of your move while you focus on everything else that goes along with what can be an overwhelming experience for the toughest of us!