Make Moving From South Africa To New Zealand A Breeze By Using Reliable International Movers

So you’ve decided to move from South Africa to New Zealand and whether it’s a career move, you’re in search of a better life or you are just ready for a new adventure, the whole immigration process can be quite daunting. There are so many things that need to be done and choices that need to be made like visa applications (which in itself is a full-time job), getting your finances in order, finding accommodation and perhaps a school for your children. The last thing you need is to have even more added onto your plate.

Ship your furniture abroad or replace them on the other side?

Another choice you’ll have to make when moving abroad is whether you should sell your furniture and start from scratch once you land or if you should ship it to your new destination. Many people prefer to at least keep some of their furniture because of the sentimental value attached to it. And also, it can be extremely costly to replace all your furniture. Another factor to keep in mind is that while this is a great adventure, you’ll be in a new country, surrounded by new things – you might find some comfort in the familiar, even if it’s just having your old bed or couch.

If you decide to ship your belongings abroad, it doesn’t have to mean added responsibility to your already full agenda. It is possible to leave it in the capable hands of trustworthy international movers that will look after your stuff like it’s their own and make sure it reaches your new destination in one piece. Movit Mobility is an international moving company with many years experience in moving households from South Africa to New Zealand and anywhere in the world. You can be sure that they know what they’re doing and will make your transition as smooth as possible.

How Movit Mobility can help you move your furniture abroad.

They offer three different options for getting your stuff to the other side,  FCL (Full container load), Groupage (Shared use of a container) and LCL (Part Load that is put in a crate and sent once the container is completely full). They also offer help when it comes to customs clearance and pet removal. If you need your furniture to be stored for a period of time, or you don’t want to pack your own furniture, they can help with that too!

Get in contact with one of our moving consultants for a free quote today and let us help make moving from South Africa to New Zealand less challenging.