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Office Relocation Company in Johannesburg, Gauteng – Moving Your Office without Difficulty

Relocating an office is quite a difficult and heavy task to undertake. It involves the movement of many large and sometimes fragile electronic items. If you have been having a hard time finding an office relocation company in Johannesburg or the Gauteng region that you can trust with your office equipment, you have come to the right place.

Based in Johannesburg, we at Movit Mobility try to make sure that you have a trouble free experience when it comes to moving and transporting your office goods to its new location. We understand that most of the equipment is quite fragile, which is why we will handle your goods with the utmost of care. No matter how far we will be travelling with your office goods, you can rest assured knowing that your office documents, equipment, supplies and furniture are in good hands with our moving company.

Using Movit as your Office Relocation Company

Our dedicated team of office movers will assist with your company move from start to finish, suiting you company’s individual needs. We are able to assist with the following office relocation support services:

  • Packing and materials – When making use of Movit Mobility’s packing services for your office relocation, this will decrease your business’ down-time to complete the moving process. Our experienced team will efficiently wrap and box your office supplies, documents and furniture in the correct manner to prevent damage of goods. Our packing materials are also high quality materials for optimal protection of your fragile office equipment.
  • Organised office moving services – We make use of an organised alphanumeric, tagging and colour coding moving method providing and organised moving process to our clients.
  • We will move all your office equipment – Our office moving services include the removal / transportation of office safes, Zippel / bulk filers and cabinets, office furniture as well as computers and data centres. Our moving team members have all been trained and prepared regarding the packing and moving of fragile equipment such as computers and data centres, ensuring that you goods reach the new premises in its original condition.
  • Dissembling and assembling of furniture – Our moving team will also assist to dissemble your large office furniture pieces such as desks and cabinets, for easier transportation during the office relocation. In addition to this, our team will also help you to setup this furniture in the new location, making it easier for your company to move right in.

Movit Mobility services the Johannesburg and surrounding Gauteng areas, helping many companies to move their goods professionally and at a competitive price. We specialise in local, international, long distance and office moves.

The benefits of using the services of an office moving company for your big move

Even though it is possible to undertake the office relocation process on yourself, it is very beneficial to make use of a professional and experienced office relocation company. If your company is based in Johannesburg or the surrounding Gauteng region, and you are in need of a trusted local office moving service provider, contact Movit Mobility to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Insurance and peace of mind: When moving your office goods yourself, you yourself will be responsible for damaged goods and breakages. If you make use of and office moving company like Movit Mobility, you will have the option to take out moving insurance for your goods
  • Convenience: Using the services of a local office relocation company is very convenient, leaving the hard work and arrangements up to the moving team.
  • Saving you time and energy: You will be able to proceed with you daily activities until it is time for the last employees to pack up. This will save you time, and cause less down-time for your business throughout out the big move.
  • Consolidated cost management: All of you moving expenses will be combined in one single price, which is much less of a hassle as opposed to renting a moving truck, purchasing and sourcing packing materials and boxes and finding people to assist. Movit Mobility will take care of all your moving needs at an affordable price.

How to get the best moving experience from a reputable office relocation company

When you are in the process of planning for office relocation and you feel like it is a mountainous task, find relief in the fact that thousands of companies before you had successfully completed the stressful task of an office move with the assistance of a trustworthy office relocation company that is.

Our office relocation company team members have been specially trained to handle sensitive and fragile electrical and computerised components safely, pack them effectively and transport them gently as well as the fact that they are trained with the highest level of professionalism to so handle your valuable hard copies and online confidential business information as well.

Any reputable office relocation company is able to perform these task as the shortest time possible, but if you and your team of staff members endeavour to assist them with the small things, it will make the office move so much more time effective allowing your company to pick up where it left off in no time. Here are a few ways of how you can help speed things up.

Make use of Movit Mobility as your office relocation company

Set and be sure of the date of the office move as both your employees and the moving company will have to do their preparation ahead of time. Discuss all details such as moving procedures and a moving checklist with the local moving company and also discuss all details regarding the move and each employee’s responsibilities along with the details of the new premises such as parking, nearest shops etc. with the staff.

Delegate to the different levels of management what tasks would need to be done and handed to the office relocation company and let them further delegate to their sub-ordinates so that a great team effort is reached along with the moving company. Also discuss your needs for the smooth transition of move and work productiveness with both the office relocation company and staff so as to make it clear that no company losses will be tolerated.

Due to Movit Mobility’s extended service record, we are able to have a detailed discussion with the business owner and staff of the company prior to the move, so as to direct the company’s staff and members into the right direction in order to get full advantage from their assistance.

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