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Our Packers are professionally trained

We invest a lot of time and money into the training of our Supervisors, Packers and Crew. They are the true champions of our business. Ensuring that they have the necessary skills and know-how, is crucial to the success of every move we make. Our Supervisors manage their teams, so you can feel safe knowing that the entire process is being taken care of. We also make use of Project Managers on very large and VIP moves.


We use the best packing materials & equipment

Safety is our priority. Selecting the very best available materials will ensure that every item arrives safely. We use plastic bags on all upholstered items for domestic moves and cushiom craft to wrap all furniture for international moves. Our cartons are double wallboard to prevent the collapsing of cartons when stacked.


Each item is labelled and numbered

All items packed and loaded for storage, long distance and international moves are labelled and allocated a pre-printed inventory number. Each label contains customer information to make identification possible and ensures that each item that is loaded, is accounted for and delivered.



Detailed inventory of your consignment

You will have peace-of-mind knowing that each item removed from your home is recorded and corresponds with a pre-numbered label. Each time your consignment is laoded or offloaded, every item is ticked and signed for by the Checker. You will be given your own copy of the inventory and asked to sign at both origin and destination.



Well Maintained Fleet

Having a reliable and well maintained fleet is key to the running of a professional moving business. We invest a lot of money in regularly upgrading our fleet and keeping it in a top-notch condition. Another reason why so many clients have made us their mover of choice.


State-of-the-art Storage facilities

Our facilities are purpose built and equipped with the most modern storage and fire fighting equipment, burglar alarms and 24 hour patrolled security. Goods are stored in stackable 3D pallets or vaults which gives more security, in that it prevents pilferage, is dust free and minimizes damage.


Pet and Car Transport

Whether you are moving within SA or overseas, we can arrange professional pet and car travel through certified and approved pet travel and car carrier agencies. For international moves, cars, boats, caravans and trailer can be loaded in the same container as your household goods.



We offer an All Risk, In Transit policy for domestic moves and an All Risk Marine policy for international moves. Moving is a risky business and the inheret risk of damage or loss is apparent. You feel safer knowing that if the unforeseen happens, you are completely protected.

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