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Are you moving to a new location and in need of moving companies in Johannesburg? One can easily feel a bit overwhelmed when looking for moving companies in Johannesburg, as information is so readily available. Don’t let finding a moving company in Johannesburg stress you out.

Trust one of the reputable moving companies in Johannesburg to supply you with excellent levels of moving service, such as Movit Mobility. Moving your goods to a new location can be very stressful, but this needsn’t be the case; Movit Mobility boatsts years of experience in moving and relocating goods and families in new cities and even across borders.

Whether you are moving from Johannesburg to Durban, Cape Town or Canada, Movit Mobility has got you covered.

Contact the preferred choice of moving companies in Johannesburg today to take care of your big move.

Why you should choose Movit Mobility – Moving companies in Johannesburg

Movit Mobiity has been in operation for more than 45 years, truly making us one of the leading moving companies in Johannesburg. We are a professional and experienced moving services provider, and also a member of the Africa Transport Holdings SA Group. At Movit Mobility we pride ourselves in client satisfaction, paying attention to the detail of our clients’ needs.

As well-rounded moving companies in Johannesburg would, we will take care of a number of services you may require when relocating, such as:

  • Packing and materials: We will assist packing materials should you require, and also assist with your packing and wrapping of goods. It is important to take note that when you are insuring your goods in transit, it needs to be professionally packed for insurance purposes.
  • Storage facilities: If you need storage facilities, Movit Mobility, one of the leading moving companies in Johannesburg, will provide a storage facility in the location you require.
  • Custom clearance: When moving internationally, this moving company in Johannesburg will also assist with custom clearance, required documents and procedures, as we are very familiar with moving goods across borders.
  • Pet and car travel: Don’t forget about your pets! We will assist and advise you regarding the rules and regulations regarding moving your pets long distances or across borders – and the same goes for your vehicle.
  • Insurance of goods in transit: As one of the top moving companies in Johannesburg, we also offer insurance options on your goods in transit, which is strongly advised.

Contact Movit Mobility – One of the leading moving companies in Johannesburg

Whether you are moving locally, long distance or even internationally, trust the leading service provider when it comes to moving companies in Johannesburg. We have relocated thousands of families to new homes and destinations.

Contact Movit Mobility today to move your goods – best choice of moving companies in Johannesburg.

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