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In need of a moving company? Movit Mobility can assist. Movit Mobility is a leading moving company based in Johannesburg, assisting clients across the country with their moving services needs. Relocating can be stressful and overwhelming, which is why our team is here to help. You can trust our team to offer a professional service when moving / relocating your home or office. Call the trusted moving company in Johannesburg, Gauteng today for assistance with your move / relocation. Contact Movit Mobility, reputable choice of local, long distance and office moving companies, for the best relocating service in town.


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Moving South Africans locally and abroad - since 1967

Movit Movility have gained years of experience in moving South Africans both locally and abroad. Our team members have extensive experience in international relocation to various countries, making us an excellent choice of moving companies when moving abroad. Read more about the following services provided by Movit Mobility:


As a leading moving company, our aim is to relieve you from the stress of relocating your possessions to a new destination. If you're planning on moving from Johannesburg (or any other Gauteng destination) to another local or international destination, we can help you. Call Movit Mobility Today.


Local Moving & Storage - From Johannesburg & Pretoria to any South African destination

Trust the leading local / long distance moving company in Johannesburg / Pretoria and Gauteng

Movit Mobility will be able to assist you with your move, whether you are moving around the corner, to a new town or long distance. We will be able to take care of your specific relocation needs. Movit Mobility offers local moving and long distance moving services from Johannesburg and Pretoria (Gauteng) to cities like Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban. A weekly shuttle services is available between all major cities in South Africa.


Misconceptions exist when it comes to the skill of moving crew, and it is often said that you just need a lot of muscle and a little common sense to do the job. It is however, important for moving crew to undergo professional training in moving skills. It is important that they know the correct procedures for handling, dismantling and re-assembly of fragile furniture pieces, ensuring that goods arrive safely at their destination. It is also important to setup a moving procedure, to make sure that items are cleared from the premises in a way that will minimise loading and offloading times.


All Movit Mobility vehicles are equipped with the required equipment and tools to minimise the possibility of damage to the items being moved. We use blankets when stacking household goods and we take care in using every space to ensure a tight load. Inventory lists are drawn up for long distance and storage moves. Items are clearly marked and tagged. The client is given a copy of the inventory list once all items have been loaded. If we manage the packing, we will on arrival at the new location, offload all items and place them in the appropriate rooms, and will even unpack and re-assemble items. Movit Mobility's team will also remove all the boxes and packing material from your premises. Local and long distance moving services include, but are not limited to:



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We offer Storage

We have storage facilities available in all major towns of South Africa where we can store your household items until you are ready to take acceptance. Our facilities are purpose built and equipped with modern storage equipment. Stackable 3D pallets or vaults are used for storage of household goods, making it more secure and preventing damage. The facilities are further more equipped with fire fighting equipment, security alarms and 24 hour guards. You can relax knowing that your goods are well protected.


Packing & Materials

Our crew members have undergone professional training on the proper packing of fragile and household items, using carton packing, Cushion Kraft (bubble-wrap with paper coat) and wood crating of larger bulkier items such as art work, televisions, pianos, etc.? We make use of high quality materials such as double wallboard cartons for crockery, ornaments and books. Specialised wardrobe cartons are used to accommodate hanging clothes. Items are individually wrapped in white paper and tissue; polystyrene chips can be provided for more fragile items. Large plastic bags are used to cover all upholstered furniture and mattresses. Wrapping in Cushion Kraft for extra protection can be requested.


Insurance needed for the move

Although al precautions are taken and staff members have been trained there is still the human element. The value of the goods transported always goes beyond the income generated from the move. Therefore removal companies offer insurance as an additional option to clients. No moving company is able to single handed take-on the financial impact of the costly items transported and therefore involve insurance companies. Moving companies limit their liability and therefore the risk has to be transferred to an insurance company or the customer. Clients not taking the additional insurance are believed to have their own insurance or have taken insurance with their brokers.


An All Risk policy is available, which will cover your goods while in transit or for items going into storage.? A detailed inventory list reflecting replacement values will be required. Before the start of the move an Insurance Certificate will be issued to you. Our insurance brokers will assist you in the event of a claim. All insurance details and rates will be explained with our quote.


Moving your Pet & Car (including bikes, boats, caravans)

Ask our consultants about arranging pet & car travel services through certified and approved agencies. If you are taking your pets with you, they need to be vaccinated against Rabies. This needs to be done at least 30-days before a State Veterinarian can issue a health certificate. It could also be required that pets be placed in quarantine for a long period of time. Not all countries have the same rules and regulations regarding pets. We can assist you with your pet transfer.


Also forming part of the items that you need to move abroad may include cars, motorbikes, boats, caravans and even an airplane. These items can be placed in containers and moved by sea freight. (back to top)


International Moving - From Johannesburg or Pretoria to any destination in the world

Sea freight moving

Movit Mobility is an experienced international moving company, and will offer a comprehensive service when relocating abroad. Our international moving services are professional and efficient, providing you with a stress-free moving service.

Moving from Johannesburg or Pretoria to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK or another destination abroad?

With over 90 accredited agents worldwide we are able to offer our customers a door to door service which includes export forwarding, documentation and clearing, offloading, unwrapping and furniture setup at your new home. We will also remove all packaging rubble.


The three available sea freight options are:

  1.   • FCL (Full Container Load or an exclusive use of a container)
    1.   • Sent immediately once packed
  2.   • LCL (Part Load which is placed in a crate and sent by consolidators in a shared container)
    1.   • Sent by consolidators once container is full
  3.   • Groupage (Part Load or shared use of container with other transferees)
    1.   • Most economical way to send goods
    2.   • Only available to popular destinations
    3.   • Takes longest as it can only be sent once the container for specific destination is filled.


Available container sizes;

  1.   • 20 foot or 60 metre container, capacity 30 cubic metre.
  2.   • 40 foot or 12 metre container, capacity 60 cubic metre.
  3.   • 40 foot ?high cube? same as 12 metre container but taller, capacity 75 cubic metre

All items not packed in boxes, will be wrapped in Cushion Craft; a bubble plastic with brown paper coating. Items are packed tightly in the container ensuring a compact load which in turn safeguards items from possible damage. Items are tagged, numbered and added to an inventory list, of which you will receive a copy. Items can be directly loaded into a container at your home, or alternatively items can be loaded and taken to our warehouse to be packed at a later stage.


Here are some info on visas and immigration:


Airfreight moving & Unaccompanied Baggage

We have over 90 accredited and approved agents across the world enabling us to offer you a door to door service. It includes export forwarding, documentation and clearing, offloading, unwrapping and furniture setup at your new home. We will also remove all packaging rubble.

Airfreight modules or cardboard containers are used for packing goods. They differ in size as not all Cargo planes are the same. Your airfreight could be split into numerous modules in order to fit the cargo bay. It is important to only send lighter items via airfreight, as airlines work on volumetric weight and always choose the larger of the two; volumetric or actual.???


All items not packed in boxes, will be wrapped in Cushion Craft; a bubble plastic with brown paper coating. Items are packed tightly in the airfreight modules container ensuring a compact load which in turn safeguards items from possible damage. Items are tagged, numbered and added to an inventory list, of which you will receive a copy. Items will be taken back to the warehouse and placed in the airfreight modules, strapped and wrapped for protection against rain and moisture. Modules are then taken to the airport.


You can book your overflow luggage can be booked as unaccompanied baggage on your flight, it is a much cheaper rate than that of overweight luggage.? Unaccompanied baggage must be pre-booked and also delivered to the cargo section at least half a day before the flight date.? We can take care of this service for you. We will collect the baggage from your premises and take it to the airport for pre-booking.


Customs Clearance

We have a network of agencies that can assist you at your destination, whether it is Australia, New Zealand, Canada the UK or any other destination. Each country carries its own set of rules and regulations. This is where the agencies will assist and provide you with the necessary information, help you complete the required customs forms for clearance out of South Africa and customs procedures at your destination. Familiarise yourself with prohibited and restricted goods according to SA Customs.


Call us and arrange for one of our consultants to come to your house to advise you on what you should take and what not. (back to top)


Office & Computer Moving Services

Office Moving in Johannesburg and Pretoria

Another of our specialist services is handling the process of office and computer moving. We can assist when you need to move office, both in and around Gauteng or even to another city. Because we are aware of how downtime affects a business we aim to use the quickest way possible and moves are usually carried out after hours or on weekends. A lot of time and effort goes into the planning to ensure a smooth and hassle free move.


With the assistance of architects and space planners we are able to properly plan the layout of all desks, computers and even filing areas. Each individual staff member?s personal items and files are placed in the correct place so as to make settling in easier.


We start the office moving process by packing all files, stationary and all small items into specialised moving boxes. By us packing the filing rooms? files in alpha-numerical order, we are able to unpack them at the new office in a fraction of the time, leaving it exactly how we found it.


We then start the disassembling and marking of all the workstations. When they arrive at their new destination, it takes the least amount of time to re-assemble them as per the marking or tagging process that we have followed. This is especially helpful if you are moving a large office with hundreds of workstations. We apply this method to all types of office furniture including credenzas, filing cabinets, bookshelves and all tables. We can also move large Zippel units.


In order for us to properly carry out the moving process, we make use of certified project managers to ensure a smooth and successful process. We are extremely diligent in making sure our project managers are capable of doing the job as they will be dealing with the company?s management team regarding all details of the move. This process also eliminates strain on the employees, allowing them to organize their own workspaces and continuing with their work.


Computer & Data Centre Moving

We can also assist you in the relocation of your computer & data centre. We have experienced staff specifically trained to safely pack and move sensitive computer and server equipment.? Server racks are easily transported in our air suspension trailers ensuring marginal shaking.


Computer & Data Centre moving can be done countrywide or worldwide. Our specialist team will work with your IT department ensuring that everything is moved according to a schedule. (back to top)


Characteristics of a reputable moving company in Johannesburg, Gauteng

  •   • A reputable moving company can help you pack by clearly sorting and marking your possessions before they do so.
  •   • A professional moving company should have a reliable transportation fleet.
  •   • Their staff members should be well trained and be able to offer vital information should you have any questions or queries.
  •   • They make use of the best possible moving, packing, storing and safekeeping of your cargo and must therefore keep their employees up to date on the latest in the industry.
  •   • They should be able to adapt their service packages to suit your personal needs regarding all details of the needed move.
  •   • The insurance policies and offers of a moving company should be able to accommodate you to the fullest extent, should anything happen to your goods while in their possession.
  •   • Generally, they should be able to offer any type and size of service whether it be office to office and any service area which could include homes in other towns, cities or even right next door.

If you are looking for such a moving company in the Johannesburg

, Midrand and larger Gauteng area, make sure to give our team at Movit Mobility a call on (011) 312- 5196 for local and international moving costs. (back to top)

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