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When you are faced with a long distance move, you will quickly come to realise that there is far more involved than meets the eye.? So much so that it is almost impossible to attempt this process without the assistance of a reputable company offering long distance moving services in Johannesburg, Gauteng.


Excellent long distance moving services from Johannesburg to overseas destinations

Here are some vital tips on how to assist your moving company to make the long distance moving process more comfortable for both parties:

  • Make sure that you discuss additional long distance insurance with your moving company as this will set your mind at ease that your goods will be covered during the long and dangerous transport process.


  • When you have confirmed the moving date with the company providing the long distance moving services, make sure that you do your own pre-planning by sorting all unwanted goods and selling or giving them away, placing all the very valuable goods in one group for separate packaging and doing general planning such as where you will put your moving days outfit, toiletries, etc.


  • Make sure that your personal and important documentation is right alongside you when you travel. This would include the entire family?s identification documents, birth certificates, school records, hospital records, passports etc.


  • You should make sure that every room's items are in their correct rooms for the day of the pack. This will save time for the movers as they do not then have to first group certain items together. As the movers will be armed with all the necessary packing materials, you can simply leave all the goods in their drawers, cupboards etc. This will make it easy for the movers to manage their carefully worked out packing process.


  • It goes without saying that you should only hire the services of the most professional and reputable long distance moving services in Gauteng that possess all the necessary credentials and service record.


Let Movit Mobility assist you with your long distance move

Our team at Movit possess years of experience and expertly trained staff to make your move a much more comfortable and relaxed experience and just a quick phone call to (011) 312-5196 will prove to you why we are deemed as the most reputable long distance moving services in Gauteng.
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