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With the planning of your overseas move, you will soon get to learn that there are two ways of getting your goods overseas which is either by boat or by air.? As they both serve their own particular important function, it is imperative that you find an international moving and shipping company who is able to provide both alternatives for your overseas move.


As mentioned that each procedure bears its own advantages and has its own function, it is also important that the representative of your selected moving company be able to explain these to you in detail.


Movit, an international moving and shipping company can assist you with both these procedures?

As Movit is one of the most sought after international moving and shipping companies in South Africa, we can assist you with all the details regarding these two choices that you have, as shown below. We are also able to calculate which option will be of the best benefit to your needs.


Although sea travel is the slowest option, it is done very precise and by only the best expertise of our international moving and shipping company.? Your goods are loaded at your home, packed into seaworthy and solid containers and transported by train to the nearest dock where it is loaded and the process repeated until your goods are safely at your new destination. The loading, packing, shipping, arrival and clearance and all relevant documentation is managed by our professional staff members.


Air travel has been found to be the quicker way of international transport although it is much more expensive.? Your goods are carefully packed into heavy-duty boxes and flown to its destination in the safest way. Once again, all the above details regarding the international move will be handled by one of our professional representatives.


When you are planning an international move, think first of how our reputation of best international moving and shipping company has became known and do not hesitate to call us at Movit at (011) 312-5196 for any queries, questions and / or a customized quotation.
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