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At Movit Internatinal, we are proud of our competitive international moving prices and rates.

When making use of any moving company, it is imperative for your to know exactly what their international moving costs and rates are, as one of the biggest misunderstandings come forth during all additional services and charges thereof. That is why you have to make use of a reputable moving company such as Movit who strive everyday to give our clients the most honest, customizable and cost effective quotation ehwn it comes to international moving costs and rates.


This is also why we are sharing some of the dangerous areas of extra costs with you so that you can know the pitfalls of a less than reputable moving company.


Lesser quality moving companies will be sure to add unnecessary fees to their international moving costs for unneeded services and just call them accessorial charges. You will not get a breakdown of billing details and you would be expected to pay the entire amount if full along with the deposit. They will also charge you advanced charges for what they will supposedly pay a professional piano mover or a professional artwork packer, when they actually do the work themselves and savour the high additional charges. This could also be applicable when allegedly making use of a professional appliances mover which could only turn out to be a standard staff member.


Be careful of other charges in international moving costs and rates such as auxiliary service fees (which stipulates that all hours worked overtime would be charged for additionally), custom clearance (which you should be paying for yourself as per the quotation from the airline or dock you are using) and expedited service rate (which only gives you the power to stipulate the delivery date).


When you are making use of a reputable moving company such as Movit, you can be sure that our representatives are expertly trained and can therewith offer you the best quality service and the most detailed and honest quotation descriptions and amount so that you can truly make a well informed decision based on our competitive international moving costs. Phone us today at (011) 312-5196 for the most competitive service in the industry.
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