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Planning to move overseas obviously involves so much more than just simply moving to another home. It is a much more intricately detailed procedure that will need far more planning and can most certainly not be attempted by anyone else than a reputable international mover.

As the items will be transported either via airplane or ship, special care must be taken to ensure that the entire consignment arrives without any damage or loss. What sets Movit apart from other moving companies and international movers in Johannesburg, Gauteng? We are a leading moving company in Johannesburg and Gauteng, and have assisted many families to relocate successfully to their new homes across South African borders.

Moving fragile items internationally – Movit Mobility

Great care should be taken when moving fragile and valuable goods across borders. Here are some examples of how Movit Mobility will take care of the packing of goods for international transport:

  • • All fragile items such as paintings and mirrors would have to be bubble-wrapped by the international movers in Johannesburg, individually and placed in a crate if extra protection is needed.
  • • We make use of quality packing material including double-walled packing boxes to keep all other items such as clothing and linen neatly folded and protected and bubble wrap to cover fragile or valuable goods.
  • • The packing procedure is supervised and all containers are recorded on a system for precise tracking thereof at all times. Each box is numbered and labelled and an inventory is written to describe each item in detail.
  • • Reputable international movers like Movit Mobility possess any type, size and structure of packaging material to be able to preserve any type of item that is deemed important to you, the client.

We at Movit are a team of international movers in Johannesburg and it is only through our diligence for safety, affordability and professionalism that we have been able to succeed in this demanding industry.

Moving internationally involves the following aspects:

  • • Airfreight or sea freight: Your goods will likely be transported via airfreight in order to reach its new destination overseas. We will ensure that your goods meet all the rules and regulations to ensure a hassle free moving process.
  • • Moving insurance: As an experienced moving company, we also offer our client the option of taking out moving insurance, which is strongly advised when moving across borders. Cover your goods to protect you from potential damage or loss while being moved overseas.
  • • Pet and car travel: Worried about your pets and cars? Movit Mobility, international movers in Johannesburg will also take care of the transportation of your pets and vehicles.
  • • Storage facilities: If you will require the use of a storage facility during any time of the moving process, Movit Mobility will assist. We have storage facilities available in all main cities across the world, assisting our clients with all their storage facilities.
  • • Custom Clearance: Custom Clearance does not have to be as scary as it sounds! We are familiar with the process, rules and regulations when it comes to relocating across borders, and will assist to make Custom Clearance a breeze!

Before choosing international movers in Johannesburg to assist with your relocation across South African borders, make sure that the moving company has the necessary experience and a good reputation amongst previous clients. Contact Movit Mobility today for a moving assessment and personalised quote to move your goods to your new home.

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