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Let our professional team at Movit Mobility take care of moving your furniture from Johannesburg to Durban

When a professional moving company such as Movit transports your furniture from Johannesburg to Durban, the chances of damage or breakages are miniscule. Have you ever compared it to the amount of damage that your goods endure when you attempt to do the move yourself or make use of a lesser quality furniture transport company?


Furniture transport from Johannesburg to Durban

The truck and all application tools and accessories must be prepared and checked for quality when furniture transport from Johannesburg to Durban takes place.? This will include all aspects of the moving truck, the dolly for moving heavy items, paper padding for furniture and heavy appliances, plastic wrap, boxes, tape and paper sheets.


Heavy duty straps must be checked for corrosion and/or any damage, as this will perform the very important task of holding all items firmly together on the back of the truck during the furniture transport from Johannesburg to Durban. Tarp and plastic wrap should always accompany the move as it would be needed to cover the load during rainy weather conditions. A fully functional toolkit should be in the cab of the truck for dismantling furniture that needs to be taken apart and therewith moved more easily and safely.


On the day of the move, the furniture transport company will perform a few pre-transport procedures to further allow for the safe transportation of your goods.? This will consist of all fragile electronic items such as computers and televisions into a separately packed and marked box and be loaded into the cab of the truck and not onto the back.? The packers will also make sure that the heaviest and biggest items will be packed first as it will not only leave better space for the smaller items but also avoid any smaller items getting damaged.


Movit has provided many moving procedures perfectly over many years and are seen as one of the most reputable providers of furniture transport from Johannesburg to Durban.? Phone us today at (011) 312-5196 for a customized quotation that will satisfy your every moving need.
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