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One will notice that when the time comes to move, there are literally thousands of furniture moving companies available in your immediate area but how do you know which one will take your needs into consideration the most? Which furniture transport company will have the most respect for your household or business goods? And how will a reputable furniture transport company strive to be the best in the industry?


A furniture transport company in Johannesburg should know and practice the fact that the proper packing materials and methods is the most important aspect of a successful move. They must know how to make use of the correct methods in the best advantage to them and their clients. Experience plays an integral part in this aspect and is a necessity.


Movit furniture transport and removal company in South Africa will be happy to assist you win the following ways:

We take great care in employing only experienced packers and other staff members that will be able to pack your goods in the most professional manner, without causing any harm, using too many boxes or taking too much time to complete the moving task.


Our range of furniture transport services should go above and beyond that of the ordinary packing company by including features such as

Professional handling of electronics, antiques, fragile goods and sensitive plants and flowers.
  • Our service package should include sorting, packing, labelling, surveillance, transporting, unpacking, sorting and getting rid of all packing materials and rubble.
  • We have extensive knowledge and experience in the handling of very precious goods such as pianos and oversized furniture so as not to cause any damage that will cost the owner a huge amount to fix and lesser the value of the items.
Movit, a furniture transport companies in South Africa , possesses all of these qualities. Call us today at (011) 312-5196 to confirm for yourself why we have been deemed one of the most reputable furniture transport company in Johannesburg.
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