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Trusted Furniture Removal Company in Johannesburg – Movit Mobility

For furniture removals in Johannesburg, make use of a reputable moving company to ensure an efficient and successful move. Movit Mobility offers furniture removal services in Johannesburg at very affordable prices - your quote will be tailored according to your moving needs. Our moving company will assist with your furniture removals in Johannesburg from start to finish, making us a top choice when it comes to choosing a moving company to relocate your goods.

Based in Midrand, Johannesburg, Movit Mobility is centrally located in South Africa, making it perfect to assist clients with local moves, as well as long distance moves like moving from Johannesburg to Cape Town, or moving from Johannesburg to Durban.


Movit Mobility – Trusted moving company for furniture removals in Johannesburg

Furniture removals johannesburgMovit Mobility is a trusted local and international moving company in South Africa. Boasting years of experience in furniture removals in the Johannesburg area, you can rest assured that our competent and trained team will relocate your goods to your new destination smoothly and hassle free. Our extensive knowledge in furniture removals enables us to offer a pleasing service to clients across the country. Your furniture removals in Johannesburg will be handled professionally and to your satisfaction.

Local, international or office moving services – Furniture Removals in Johannesburg

As a professional and well-rounded furniture removal company in South Africa, we offer the following three main services:

  • Local moving services: If you are relocating to another city within South African borders, contact Movit Mobility for the best services when it comes to furniture removal companies in Johannesburg. We are also specialised in moving long distances, ensuring a smooth and stress-free moving process for our clients.
  • International moving services: Take the stress out of moving internationally, by making use of Movit Mobility’s professional international moving services. We will move your goods across borders via sea freight or airfreight, and assist with all documentation and procedures, guiding you every step of the way.
  • Office moving services: Movit Mobility also specialises in office furniture removals Johannesburg. Our team is trained in packing, wrapping and handling fragile goods. Office relocation services include the dismantling of furniture, packing files in alpha-numerical order, tagging and colour-coding work stations and supplies, as well as moving data servers.

Contact Movit Mobility for a personalised quote – furniture removals in Johannesburg

Arrange an appointment with a professional consultant at Movit Mobility regarding furniture removals Johannesburg. Our friendly staff will analyse your furniture removal needs, in order to supply you with a tailored quote to fit your requirements.

Contact Movit Mobility, preferred service providers of furniture removals Johannesburg, today!

Moving tips from the professionals

The moment you start planning your big move, you will probably come to realise that the task is much bigger than you think. A successful move will require efficient planning, organising and strategizing to ensure every aspect is taken care of, and you don’t end up with last minute errands and chaos. Here are a few tips and things to remember from the trusted furniture removal company in Johannesburg, to ensure your moving process runs smoothly and as planned:

    Furniture removals johannesburg
  • Get organised: The secret to a stress-free move is getting organised. Start by drawing up a quick plan for the moving process (get a moving notebook) – where you want to start, checklist of things you need to remember, packing material you need to purchase, planned moving dates etc. Once you’ve got your plan set out, you can start executing it. This will help you to determine how on schedule you are at any point in time of the move.
  • The assistance of a moving company: If you’ve been through a move before, you will probably know that finding friends and relatives to assist with the move is not always easy. Apart from that, it is also not always a good idea, especially if you have large, valuable or fragile pieces you need to move. When using friend and family to assist with your move, you will also not be able to take out a moving insurance, to protect you against any damages you might experience. Contact Movit Mobility today to make use of our professional team’s services, all at an affordable price.
  • Moving insurance: Moving insurance is definitely a must if you have valuable furniture and household goods. Moving insurance will cover you financial loss should there be an incident where goods are damaged. It is strongly advised when moving long distances or internationally.
  • Packing tips: When starting the packing process, start with out of season items and items that are not used regularly. This includes goods like winter clothes, unused blankets etc. Use larger hollow items to pack smaller items in, like using larger casseroles for spices and such. This will save a box or two in the long run. Remember to fasten your electrical cords with cable ties or tape, to prevent them from tangling. Mark boxes clearly – you can number each box and make notes of the contents in your notebook, and use a colour-coding method for different rooms in the house to make it easier for the moving staff.

Movit Mobility will assist to make the furniture removal process easy and hassle-free. Talk to us today regarding our furniture removal services in Johannesburg.

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