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How to use a furniture removal company in Pretoria East that can move your belongings safely.

The moving process is much more detailed and intricate than one might think with many small details that can make the difference between a successful or a disastrous moving experience.? It is therefore important to rather employ the services of a professional furniture removal company that can not only take care of the move but endeavor to complete the process in the safest of ways.


There are many ways in which a reputable moving company can make the moving process a safe, stress free and pleasurable experience as shows below. How can Movit, a sought after furniture removal company in Pretoria East assist you in a smoother, safer move?


As part of our professionalism our staff members wear protective gear and footwear.? Steel-toed boots are preferred as it will protect the worker in case of any furniture slipping out of hands during the move. Gloves and protective face gear is also used when cleaning the establishment and/or emptying out the garage or store rooms. Movit possesses all health & safety regulated first aid kits and gear in case of accidental contact with dangerous substances or dangerous items. They have been trained to be able to safely remove and transport gas cylinders or any other.


Our staff members have been professionally trained in the task of loading restrictions and weight limits per box and would under no circumstances overload boxes as it can cause breakages and/or injury. A reputable furniture removal company in Pretoria East such as Movit generally strives to our best ability to take the strain of the moving process off of your shoulders so that you can spend more time with your family, looking after their wel-being and keeping them safe during the moving process.


Call Movit, well known and well respected furniture removal company in Pretoria East at (011) 312-5196 for us to make the stressful moving process so much easier.

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