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Make sure to only use a reputable moving company such as Movit for your data centre moving.

When you own a company and need to have your data centre moved to an alternative destination, it is imperative that you make use of only the most highly qualified data centre moving company to manage this intricate task for you. You will find that if you are lax in your selection of data centre moving company and make use of a lesser reputable one, the possibility of things that will go wrong will have a much higher probability as the above mentioned companies will not be trained to deliver the perfect data centre moving services. Here are a few examples of how things can go wrong during a data centre moving process.


A lesser quality company will forget the fact that by moving the servers it could add milliseconds of network latency. This small fracture of movement could result in the user having to wait an extra 30 seconds after an instruction was given when compared to the 3 seconds it took before the move.


They may also not take into account on how this network latency change will affect all server performance throughout the company. The remote servers are kept busier for a longer period of time, making it less productive, should a data centre move be done in a less than perfect way. Servers that are moved and kept away from the connecting servers could cause a total failure in the smooth operations of all servers throughout the company.


Another mistake they make is to not deal with user performance expectations until after the data move has been completed. It is very important to do so by discussing the users service expectations before you do the data move. This could be avoided by the proper planning, predicting and managing of realistic performance expectations before the move takes place so that users are aware that the move will not mean that the company will become less productive.


It is always refreshing to know that there are reputable data centre moving companies such as Movit who are not only passionate about our professionalism but also focused on our strive for customer satisfaction and quality guarantee service. Phone us today at (011) 312-5196 for our sought after data centre moving services.
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