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Have you ever considered what the main feature is of a successful cross border moving company? Their success and reputation lies within their ability to perform all their moving tasks with the least amount of damage and therefore the highest level of customer satisfaction. If this was not the main focus of the moving company's priorities, it would simply mean that they would lose their clientele basis and build up a bad reputation.

Why choose Movit as your Cross Border Moving Company?

In order for a cross border moving company to be able to move goods successfully, it would have to implement, manage and control the following vital key points within its operations:

  •    • Well trained staff members.
  •    • The correct type of cross border transportation methods.
  •    • The correct type of packaging materials most suitable for cross border moving .

The first two speaks for itself, but have you ever considered how the type of packing material can influence the success of the cross border moving process? Here are a few examples of how packing materials can make the world of difference.


Basically competent packing materials for cross border moves should be much sturdier, more padded and more stackable than standard boxes and other materials. This is because the goods will be packed on top of another and either transported via truck or airplane which could cause a few drops and bumps along the way, making it necessary to have the goods properly protected with quality packing materials. Quality packing material used by any cross border moving company in South Africa should include reusable containers, padded boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, mattress covers, information, warning and identification labels etc.


Standard boxes will not suffice in a cross border move as provision has to be made for extra-length goods such as fridges, artworks and plants. As some boxes will be stacked upon each other the boxes themselves should be made from double-layer material with space left in between which will act as protective cushioning.


As an addition to the correct packing materials, professionally trained staff and professional transportation, only a reputable cross border moving company will possess additional characteristics such as the below which will truly make it stand out from the crowd:

  •    • Professional loading, offloading, unwrapping and clean-up procedures as part of the service package.
  •    • Full supervision available throughout the entire moving process.
  •    • Quality security and surveillance in water-tight, dust-free overnight storage facilities.


If you are looking for such a reputable cross border moving company in South Africa from Johannesburg and Pretoria, give our team at Movit a call at (011) 312-5196 today.

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